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[pct-l] People who are booted from the List.

I am addressing this to Brick (do not know another way to talk to you).

I am really sad that you decided to boot Birgitte from contributing to this
list. For the past 6 months I have lurked, and then tried to contribute, the
one person who has answered all of my (sometimes dumb) questions has been
BJ.   And answered with sincerity and always with good sound advice. I am
new to the Southern Calif. PCT and on Wednesday we leave Idaho for a 2 week
hike from Walker Pass and over Forrester and included also will be Mt.
Whitney if the time and energy are there.  We come out at Cedar grove and I
can hardly wait to go. She has pointed out the heat factor starting at
Walker and we may just change this to Kennedy Meadows start. she has given
us good alternatives and I have appreciated all her input.

I think we are loosing a valuable person to the list.

thanks for your time and consideration.

Marge (the old gal)

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