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[pct-l] getting to the trail and back

I'm considering beginning my 3 week solo hike at Walker Pass (G1)
which is near Onyx (and ending at Tuolumne Meadows).  I was wondering
if anyone had thoughts on the best way to get to the trail.  The
closest Greyhound stops are a long way away (Mojave, Independence),
and I haven't been able to find any information on how one might get
from them to Walker Pass, so I'm leaning towards driving there.

Are there places in Onyx (or another nearby town) where I can
reasonably park my car for 3 weeks?  Of course, I need to find a way
to get back to my car.

I'm not really fond of hitchhiking, but if I can do it in a controlled
way in a town as opposed to sticking my thumb out on the road, I'm a
little more comfortable doing it.

I've been preparing for this hike for the last two months and I'm
starting to find the getting there and back part to be the most trying
aspect so far.

Any advice on the quality of resupply points and towns on this section
of the trail would also be appreciated.


- Dan
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