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Re: [pct-l] Re: Rain Gear

My wife and I just finished hiking the Sierra High Route, 200 miles of
cross-country hiking that roughly parallels the JMT.  On this little hike we
both use Frogg Toggs.  The weather for the most part was good, but we did
get seven thunderstorms in two days.  During that time we did put are Frogg
Toggs to good use.  We found them to work very well, we never got wet from
rain penetrating the coats and they breathed as well as our much heavier
Gore-Tex Marmot rain coats.  We also found them to be a good wind jacket.
All and all we are very happy with them.  We did not use the pants, we just
hike through the rain in our shorts, so I cannot judge them.  Side note:
Frogg Toggs come large.

Hay Big Bear what are you planing?

Tim and Ann
The Ravens
PCT '96
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