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[pct-l] Belden Post Office

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After getting injured, I had to stop my thru-hike a couple weeks ago.  After returning home I've been workingon getting the four or five packages I didn't get to.  I have almost all the info except the Belden resupplyl; when I originally planned it, it was to go to the post office.  But, on the trail we found out that a resident of Belden is helping out hikers.  Does anyone have the information regarding Mary K.--the woman who vounteered to pick up hiker packages?  Specifically, I would love her phone number; I know it was posted at many of the resupplies before Belden so I know it's out there. If anyone has it, could you please reply so I can retrieve my packages!  :)  Thanks for all your help!  
Wishing I was still on the trail,
Jen Doebler

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