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[pct-l] In defense of B.J.

I was surprised, well maybe not that surprised, after reading the
pct-l digest of last week that Birgitte Jensen was a point of
contention over some post I'd missed. I certainly have nothing to say
regarding the argument because I don't know the facts, but I will say
in Birgitte's behalf that she has provided some invaluable trail
information, particularly in the spring, to us early season
backpackers as well as the new crop of intrepid PCTers.

Secondly, although this listserv is dedicated the the PCT Trail, there
are several of us who are also interested in the spur trails and
trail-less areas off and around the PCT. Here again Birgitte has
provided some excellent information to the group regarding some of the
more remote areas of the Eastern Sierra.

I know most of us, especially me, who have been backpacking for
several decades have adamant opinions regarding modes of behavior or
equipment while traipsing <bad word, but an adamant opinion> through
the mountains. But if you distill all that which is submitted to pct-l
the real important stuff is the stories of those who were actually
there; those who have experienced the area firsthand. No one can deny
that Birgitte is one of the first in the mountains reporting what she
has seen well before most of us have pulled out our dusty boots that
have been wintering in the closet. I find that she's an invaluable
asset to this listserv as well as one of the more eccentric
personalities of the group. And you just can't have enough eccentric
personalities around, it's makes things interesting and keeps you on
your toes.

Again I don't have any idea what the stir was and I don't approve of
blatant disparagement, but I'd hate to see Birgitte leave or get
kicked off pct-l.


        Dave Encisco
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