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[pct-l] Stats

Just reading stats on AT thru-hikers. 1969 to 1979 averaged 55 thru-hikers 
per year. 1988 to 1993 averaged 193 thru-trips per year. 1998 had 350. I 
would guess the PCT will have 50 thru-hikers this year. The CDT is now about 
where the PCT was 20 years ago and the PCT is where the AT was in the 70,s. 
The AT must be like the returns line at Walmart the day after Christmas this 
year. I am glad to have had the opportunity to have hiked this fine trail  ( 
PCT ) in it,s early days. I read this quote in the old REI store in Seattle 
in 1975 on the chalk board in the men,s bathroom. ( REI is Norstom,s in a 
flannel shirt )  If those guys could see all the advertisement hype now!  I 
recently showed a gal doing the PCT this year a picture of me at the end of 
the PCT, ( in Bishop ) she spent 5 minutes picking apart each piece of 
equipment in the photo. ( Yes, a external frame can still complete this trip 
)  ( goretex is not mandatory ) ( trail has been completed fleece free ) ( 
wool is not used as it doesn,t accept neon dye well )  Another voice of the 
past.    PCT geezer club.
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