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[pct-l] Apologies

It's with a healthy dose of "Crow Pie" that I write this. When I blow it, I
generally do so in a big way. In reading the domain name I got it wrong. It
actually took four or five reads of a private email to discern the
differences between the sites. Time for a new pair of glasses.

So my apologies to the list and Sue for any offense. 

A side note on Credibility:

Email list are a boon for getting people connected and involved. However,
what's written must be taken with a double dose of salt. It is only as good
as the credibility of the author. Since it's easy to hide on email list,
it's often difficult to judge a writers credibility or true intentions. 

Granted, some may be able judge and authors credibility by the words
themselves. Never the less, that's not always possible if you're unfamiliar
with the subject matter. Considering that it can be dangerous on the PCT to
accept bad advice, extra due diligence is required. 

In my attempt to collect some background info, I screwed up royally. Still I
would challenge anyone on this list to gather as much information on an
author before accepting anything written as fact.  

If you're prepared to contribute, also be prepared to be challenged.


Ron "Fallingwater" Moak
Fallingwater Journals - www.fallingwater.com
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American Long Distance Hikers Association - West -

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