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[pct-l] Re: A long, tiring backpack . . .

For those who care not to read the responses to a flame, send this to the

Well B.J., since you elected to trash me publicly, I'll elect to respond

Again, passion in the hands of the ignorant is a dangerous emotion.  Before
attacking from your position of supposed virtue, you could at least check
the facts:

The status on the water stash at Chariot Canyon was reported back to Tom,
Charlie and I several times over the past three months.  The last report on
the area indicated that all of the bottles were gone, all trash had been
picked up and all that remained was the original container.  Tom, Charlie
and I decided that we would switch to a new site next year, if we continue
the water stashes at all.  I have not had an opportunity to retrieve the
container, a simple Rubbermaid chest, from Chariot Cnyn, a six hour round
trip FWD trip from Scissors Crossing, which is four hours from my house.
My request to Bob was to check on that status to see if it is accurate and
consider removing the container since he will be in the area and it is
rather light weight.  I posted it to the list in order to elicit any other
persons help who might be planning a road of hiking trip into the area.  It
is located in a location where it is not visible from the trail and is
unlikely to be come across by accident.

Your sanctimonious criticism of my request to Bob Reiss is a joke to me and
I once again find myself wondering why I should even bother defending my
actions to the like of you.

For those who may interpret this as a flame, remember the source.  I will
not stand by and ignore attacks on my character from ill-motivated and
uninformed sources.  

Instead of returning from your "long, tiring backpack" and right off attack
the intentions of another lister, may I suggest that a well informed
account of the trail conditions and some humorous stories could benefit the
list more?

Yes, Bob has contributed much and selflessly and continuously and should be
commended for all. 

If you had been at the ADZPCTKOP and met Bob you would know that he is a
capable, knowledgeable, local who understands the heat, the desert and the
water requirements therein and therefor goes knowingly and prepared into
difficult conditions, I suspect seeking solitude from the masses.

I apologize for wasting the list's time with this response but I feel it is
important to help focus discussion and make those of you that may be
unaware that there are those who will attack your intentions, no matter how
well founded.


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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