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[pct-l] thru hike

greetings from vermilion valley!  butch has been kind enough to let me 
send a message.  hike is going well so far.  3 weeks and 225 miles.  did 
our first 20 mile day to get here 3 days ago.  were going to leave 
yesterday, but a huge thunderstorm changed our minds.  nice and clear 
this morning, so it's off to tuolumne.  

blisters are healing, aches and pains easier to ignore.  onion valley 
drop at Mt Recreation Services worked very well.  camp host said only a 
couple hikers had taken advantage of it.  did have the opportunity to 
spend the 4th in independence, fireworks were great.  nice to see all the 
pictures of folks here at vvr i've heard of or know from the list.  still 
many stragglers this late, most people changing from "mex->can" to "mex-> 
however far we get".  time for a big breakfast...

ke kaahawe & fidget
mexico <------ walker pass ------> tahoe <------ cananda
PCT 99!
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