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[pct-l] Greetings from Maggot on the Trail

It's a gorgeous morning, after a hard rain and hail yesterday, here at 
Vermilion Valley Resort where I stayed an extra night due to the weather. 
To all future PCTers - this place truly is an oasis in the wilderness. 
Don't miss it!

If you havedn't figured out, and why would you, this is Margo Chisholm 
operating under the trail name of Maggot - long story - ask me and I'll 
tell you. After two weeks off the trail with very bad feet in the 
beginning and a decision to skip the desert, I am somewhere near 550 
miles of this journey and having a glorious experience. The High Sierra 
was truly extraordinary, despite a mosquito population that was off the 
charts. Am still planning to go to Ashland, sometime in the middle of 
September and am hiking with different people at different times, 
sometimes on my own. Marvelous scednery, marvelous people, fabulous 
experience. More wonderful than I possibly could have imagined.

Details are on my website at http://www.tothesummit.com. Have forgotten 
the page name but go to the PCT section and then to the Journals page. 
It's updated through Independece and will bre updated again when I reach 
Tuolomne, hopefully in 4 days. 

I have an email machine in my bounce box so you can send a message to me 
at margo@tothesummit.com, and I'll receive it at my next resupply town. I 
love getting messages and answer as many as I possibly can. Those of you 
who've done the trail know how important a note from a friend can be.

I am loving this journey and thank all of you who helped me with gear 
info and route info and just plain old  moral support. Hike on!

Namaste, Margo
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