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[pct-l] Trailhead Transportation

"Let the Buyer Beware." (LTBB)

On a recent visit to Lone Pine, CA. I found a business card tacked to a 
bulletin board. It offered "Trailhead Transportation" to Inyo locations such 
as Horseshoe Meadows, Whitney Portal and Onion Valley. No fees were listed.

The name and number on the card were:
	Walt Pettis	(760) 876-0035

This is NOT a personal recommendation for the advertised service. LTBB. I 
only provide this number for those who might be in need of such a service in 
the future and need a place to start. 

There are some in Lone Pine who would take advantage of PCT hikers needing 
such a service. In early June, I heard one such person quote a price of $60 
to drive two hikers to Onion Valley (less than 25 miles) from Lone Pine. 
Hmmm, that doesn't sound PCT-friendly to me.


Charlie Jones
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