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[pct-l] Running shoes or hiking boots?

Tom Hopkins <java2@ix.netcom.com> said:
>>I need some input from anyone who has done the jmt. I am considering
doing it in running shoes with low gaters. I can't wear my old boots<<
I did the JMT  with a small group of  Scouts in '97, a couple of weeks in the Mammoth-Yosemite area in 98 and PCT this year from Mexico to Tajoe. I used light weight running shoes each time and wouldn't consider going back to boots. On the 97 trip the one boy with boots had far more foot problems than the rest of us. 

Even though I'm in my mid fifties I find that by keeping my pack weight before food and water to the mid teens, using trekking poles, and training well I do experience any difficulties with my feet or legs and enjoy the lighter weight and comfort of the running shoes. They do well in the snow, are great for stream crossings, and allow me to get along with just one pair of foot wear. I've found no need for gaiters.

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