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Re: Climbing Mt. Whitney

Hi everyone,
I've been lurking here for a while and enjoying all the free advice.  You
all are a wonderful resource!  I don't know when my life will be such that
I can do the PCT, so in the meantime I'm happy to do sections when I can.
Tomorrow I'm off to climb Whitney.  After Whitney, (if I can still walk) a
friend of mine is going to drop me off at Red's Meadow, and I'm going to
hike up to Tuolumne, where my sister will pick me up.  A short but sweet
section, and all I have time for at the moment.  Anyway, I noticed on my
map that the PCT and the JMT take different routes from Red's Meadow to
Thousand Island Lakes.  All of my previous hiking experiences have been in
Yosemite and north, so I'm not at all familiar with this area.  I was
wondering if there is any advantage or disadvantage in taking the PCT or
the JMT through this section.  Any thoughts?


P.S. Thanks again Birgitte for sharing your Whitney experiences with me -
your on and off-list advice has been *really* helpful in planning my

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