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RE: [pct-l] Are there busses to get to the PCT?

Brian thanks.

I think there's an opportunity to create some kind of shuttle service to
the PCT trailheads.

If a few folks got together to create a network, with shuttles once a month
(say) to each section, there's a business potential there (or at least, a
non-profit service).


>Bus service on the PCT is a problem.  Busses go to towns, not trail heads.
>However there are a few exceptions.  For instance, my father started at
>Donner Summit on Interstate 80 this summer.  He got there on Greyhound.  He
>bought a one-way ticket from the bay area to Reno.  The driver was willing
>to drop him off at the rest stop on Donner Summit.  (He was not willing to
>stop by the side of the road, however.)
>A combination of public transportation and a hitch hike can also work.  For
>example, I'm flying to Klamath Falls at the end of this month.  I'll hitch
>from there to Crater Lake to join my father on the trail.
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