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[pct-l] for what it's worth

The information below this paragraph was copied
from an individual's post to a gear forum at
another site.  I haven't veried either it's
acurracy or veracity.   -  Jeff E

Wild Ideas, LLC in Santa Barbara, California is
making the new ultra-lightweight bear resistant
storage container.

As you mentioned it is 9" in diameter, 15" long
weighs only 1.75 pounds. It is a full 1 pound
lighter in weight
than the canister made by Garcia Machine and about
a half a pound lighter than the
smallest GIO canister (the Wild Ideas canister is
much lighter than the GIO canister of the
same size). This canister is tall enough to be
used as a camp chair.

The Wild Ideas canister is approved for use by the
National Park Service.

Unfortunately this canister is only available as
a rental item at the present time.

The Wild Ideas canisters are available at the
trailheads at Cedar Grove roads end in Kings
Canyon, at Mineral King and at the Mono visitors
center (Eastern Sierra - Yosemite
backdoor) in the Inyo National Forest.

Questionaires are being given out to people who
rent these canisters when they turn them
in to collect user comments and suggestions.

The Wild Ideas canisters may be available later
this season at the Eastern Sierra
Interagency Visitors Center at Lone Pine, CA (Mt.
Whitney and Cottonwood Lakes region).

For some reason Olympic National Park has not yet
decided to carry these canisters.

Some outfitters, clubs and organizations in
Washinton and California may also start making
these canisters available for rental.

Wild Ideas does not have a web site yet.

Wild Ideas can be contacted at P.O. Box 60813,
Santa Barbara, CA, 93160

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