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[pct-l] Echo Summit

I just got back from a trip on the Tahoe Rim Trail, which shares the PCT
for about 20 miles from Lower Truckee River thru Desolation Valley. I
was wondering if I would meet up with any thru hikers on the PCT. I met
and hiked with at least one person who's name I have read on this list:
Home Brew. He was a great guy and a trail animal. I am no slouch myself,
but he led the section from Hy 50 to the Echo Summit Resort...and we
covered some ground QUICKLY! I commented on the pace after we got there.
He said he was out of food!
I also met and hiked with Sephanie from Seattle, Walter and Corrine from
Utah. Stephanie had hiked with Annie and the Salesman, Go Forth, and the
There was about 8 thru hikers at Echo. They were all going to South Lake
Tahoe for some R&R. The spirit of fellowship amongst them was very
imspiring to me. They were like family. They all cheered when Stephanie
came out of the out of the trees and off of the trail. It was moving.
Tom in Sacramento
ps-I was amazed at the amount of snow remaining on the PCT. It was tough
following the trail at times. I was grateful to have the keen eye of the
thru hikers. They were pretty sharp.
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