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[pct-l] JoAnn and Kieth

Does anybody know if JoAnn (GOFORTH from Concrete, WA) is still on the trail? 
 We last saw her at Motel 6 in Big Bear Lake on May 27, where she was resting 
and trying to recover from an apparent bout with giardia.  We are hoping that 
she was able to get back on the trail soon after.  She was planning to hike 
north to Islip Saddle, then skip up to Walker Pass and continue north from 

Also, does anyone know if Kieth (from Toronto) is still on the trail?  He was 
about a day or so behind us when we bailed off the trail at Aqua Dulce on 
June 9th.  Kieth is walking from Campo to Ashland this summer.

We are hoping to see either JoAnn or Kieth again in August in September when 
we do northern California.

Roger and Claudette     
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