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[pct-l] Olympic Trails

Soory this isn,t PCT stuff, but to answer question of best rainforest hikes, 
try Enchanted Valley on the South Fork of the Quanault River in late spring 
thru early summer, then Elwa River in mid-summer and do the Queets River in 
august because of fording the river at start of hike. This is my backyard 
which is cut-off from Seattle by Puget Sound. ( usually less crowded than 
cascades because of being overpriced in permits and distance to Seattle 
college students)  Expect road washouts in winter months on Quanault river 
roads. Check out the Bailey traverse from Soleduck Hotsprings through Bailey 
range and out the Northfork of the Quanault for a " See it all" Olympic 
Experience. ( heard Bull Elk Bugle in late August plus eat wild huckelberries 
in your oatmeal.  P.S.  Leave the cell phones home as there are few relay 
sites.  55 miles with some route finding.
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