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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #802

Hello again!
	Simple question. Anyone know which is better to fly into for entry
in section H? i have to either fly to LA or San Fran then bus to Section
H. where i wish to start. if anyone has done this before or has ANY
suggestions please let me know.

Thanks again! 


"But i still haven't found what im looking for."
                                                    Jarrid Wong

On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, pct-l-digest wrote:

> pct-l-digest           Sunday, July 4 1999           Volume 01 : Number 802
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>     RE: [pct-l] AT vs PCT
>     [pct-l] Info on Tuolumne Canyon...? 
>     [pct-l] Mailing Addresses
>     [pct-l] Snow in Washington State
>     Re: [pct-l] Mailing Addresses
>     [pct-l] WALT & PAT ARE BACK HOME!
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> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:24:00 +0200 
> From: "Eriksen, Svein" <sveri@wmdata.com>
> Subject: RE: [pct-l] AT vs PCT
> I hiked the AT in 96, then the PCT in 98. This summer I did the first 650
> miles of the AT again.
> One reason for going back to the AT for my vacation this year was the
> friendly people on the AT, and I wasn't disappointed. Nothing wrong with the
> PCT poeple, but I think people on the AT is at least as friendly as on the
> PCT. In general they are more relaxed (probably because having less miles to
> do in a longer seaon).
> When it comes to cell-phones I saw a couple of people using them. They
> seemed almost embarrassed about it and tended to take them away from the
> shelters. I'll have to agree with one of the other answers that I can't
> really see how you can use a cell phone to get room in a shelter as they are
> first come first serve.
> If you don't like people, then of course the PCT is "better" that the AT,
> but then why hike a trail in the first place?
> Svein
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> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 07:52:32 -0700
> From: "Kurt Herzog" <kpherzog@cdsnet.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] Info on Tuolumne Canyon...? 
> Hi Kevin..
> Saw your post about Tuolumne Cyn..  I was at Yosemite June 21 and
> at that time the ranger at the permit station at Tuolumne Meadows
> told me that the crossing was very dangerous.  He said that the 
> only party he knew of to cross was a mountaineering group who
> used climbing ropes and crampons to cross on a single rickety
> log.  Does not sound like a place for children to me, IMHO.
> The trip to the falls is still worth while however.. just plan
> on turning around below Waterwheel.
> Good luck . . . Kurt
> PS:  Bears are very bad at Glen Aulin.  Bring a bear can.
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> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 12:42:03 -0400
> From: "David B. Stockton" <davstock@tiac.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] Mailing Addresses
> Does anyone have an updated list of resupply mailing addresses (updated, 
> say, from Jardine 2)?
>  I had all those helpful emails from this past spring but I had a switch 
> set wrong and the archive process deleted them all.  The on-line PCTA 
> archives don't have 1999 in them.
> Would REALLY appreciate any help.
> - -- Dave Stockton
> David B. Stockton
> davstock@tiac.net
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> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 11:15:12 -0600
> From: "Marge Prothman" <margepr@cyberhighway.net>
> Subject: [pct-l] Snow in Washington State
> Went to Manning Park June 12th.  Still lots of snow on the PCT.  climbed up
> Windy Joe Mtn on snowshoes.  Went next to Crystal Mtn. about June 20th  and
> checked out the trail that goes from White Pass To Snoqualmie Pass. I
> thought maybe my  granddaughter and I could get back on the PCT at that
> point and finish to Snoqualmie.  No such luck still lots of snow between 5
> and 6000 ft.and the avalanche shoots  were still very dangerous.(we would
> have used snowshoes not skis). Crystal Mtn. opened for summer skiing June
> 26th. and yesterday it was snowing at about 5500 ft.
>  Then at the end of June went to Snoqualmie Pass. Drove the car to the trail
> head parking could not get in there  too much snow.  Saw the PCT sign at the
> end of the parking area. Went on snowshoes to the trail head.  the Toilet
> peaked out of the snow about 1 foot and saw the very tops of the posts
> holding the registers etc.  Anyplace there is a forest, it is still holding
> the snow.  No way to find the trail unless you have good navigational
> skills.  I knew the area and managed to get very close to Red Mountian on
> snowshoes and gained about 1000 ft. elevation. The biggest concern I had was
> snow bridges over creeks etc.
>   Have a son involved in Seattle Mtn Rescue.  they feel the snow will not
> leave the 6 - 7000 ft level this year unless it is on a open slope and lots
> of sun.
> Marge  (the Old Gal)   doing it by sections.
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> ------------------------------
> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 15:17:01 -0700
> From: "Carolyn M Eddy" <ceddy@netzero.net>
> Subject: Re: [pct-l] Mailing Addresses
> I don't have the addresses but here's a list.
> >1. mt laguna (generic 4 day box)
> >2. warner springs (generic 4 day box)
> >3. kennedy meadows (generic 6 day box, with tent included)
> >4. vermillion valley resort (generic 4 day box)
> >5. burney falls (generic 4 day box)
> >6. crater lake (ups only)(generic 4 day box)
> >7. ollalie lake resort(generic 4 day box)
> >8. timberline lodge (generic 4 day box)
> >9. stehekin(generic 6 day box)
> >
> >(generic 4 day box has food for 4 days, & generic 6 for 6 days)
> >
> >does anyone have the current address & phone for ollaie lake resort, (since
> >the ranger station has been shut down & we aren't supposed to mail
> >packages there)?
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> Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 19:38:03 -0500 (CDT)
> From: radney@ix.netcom.com
> Subject: [pct-l] WALT & PAT ARE BACK HOME!
> From: radney@ix.netcom.com
> To: pct-l@backcountry.net
> Date: 07/02/99 00:14:47
> Subject: PCT Hiker Information
> Walt and I are back in Virgina.  Imagine our surprise when we got on the 
> discussion site and had over 1,000 msgs -- what happened to our 
> "unsubscribe.?"  Guess we didn't do it right.  But how wonderful to hear Tom 
> and others relaying msgs about how everyone is doing -- thank you, we 
> appreciate your interest and concern while we are on the trail.  All the 
> water drops were much needed and for those of you who took part in stashing 
> them for us -- thanks from the bottom of our hearts!!  Thanks also for all 
> the rides, letters, and packages!  
> For the most part, the "TRAILOGRAM" is pretty accurate, BUT... not always.  
> I (Pat) got off the trail in Lone Pine because of an exhisting digestive 
> problem (maybe colon polyps) that were causing me abdominal pain, fatigue, 
> nausea and bleeding. Walt and I had not done most of this section (the 
> Sierras) in '97 and we were hyped up to get it under our belt. 
> Unfortunately, I was in no condition to safely take it on when we got there.  
> My GI wanted me home and I wanted to continue the hike so badly.  At the 
> moment I was not in serious trouble but I could be if I continued -- the 
> Sierras are really tough and would put more strain on me than what we had 
> already done.  I knew I couldn't go, but Walt was strong and knew the ropes 
> and he could go on and meet the challenge.  If I went I could endanger 
> anyone else on the trail and possibly have to be rescued or cause someone 
> harm trying to help me if I were to became seriously ill.  So, I really had 
> no choice but to stay in Lone Pine until Wendy (our Trail Daughter from 
> '97) could come and get me and take me to Vermillion Valley Resort where I 
> could wait for Walt to come in.
> Walt did the 120 miles in 8 days and lost 10 pounds -- almost everyone lost 
> weight and found an inner strength they didn't know they had. The conditions 
> the Hikers faced in the Sierras were tough and every day was spent fighting 
> to get up and over snowy passes, enduring postholing, loose scree or gravel 
> and lost trails.  The sun reflecting on the snow caused most of them to come 
> in to VVR with sunburned faces and cracked and burned lips. Down in the 
> valley they encountered deep and turbulent stream (river!!) crossings. Most 
> couldn't eat enough during the day to get the calories they needed for each 
> days ordeal. They arrived at VVR famished and feasted on several breakfasts 
> the first hour or so and then they had lunch only to come back several hours 
> later for dinner -- or two dinners! I saw many hikers come into VVR quiet 
> and reflective and for some it took several days before they seemed to come 
> out of it.  With good food and a haven to rest in, almost all headed back 
> out for Tuloumne.  If not eagerly, at least with more inner strength than 
> they knew they had before and a resolve to get to Canada -- no matter what!
> Contrary to the TRAILOGRAM, Walt also did not take a soaking in Evolution 
> Creek -- but he did come close.  Walt was hiking with several other hikers 
> and the first couple who crossed had a bit of trouble because of the strong 
> current.  As he got almost across, the current started to drag him and 
> Walter (yes, there are two out there) had to give him a had to steady him so 
> he could get across -- wet he got from the waist down, but thank God (and 
> Walter Harman) he narrowly missed getting dunked.  The current was not so 
> strong in the meadow and they should have crossed there as we did in '97.  
> Walt said the hike thru the Sierras was everything and more than you could 
> imagine -- snow, snow and more snow -- and then there was water, water and 
> more water!
> The following is a list of some of the hikers who left VVR for Tuolomne -- 
> the date is when they left, not arrived: 6-10 -- Christian Golfette and 
> Sandy Egli (Switzerland), 6-14-- Henry Shires, Nathan Martin, Frank 
> Tupicchio, 6-15-- Jarrad Caspen, Sven Thesen, "Jersey Jim" Smart, 6-16-- Ken 
> Roberts, Pack Rat, Shirt, Lindy, Kevin Rourk, Steve Fonesca, Aaron Alexis, 
> Mike Perry, Jan Doelder  6/17 --Big Red and Ramblin Man, Jason & Lara, 
> Spice, Mike (Homebrew), Robert Berard (Little Bear), Sophie Hartshorn, Erica 
> Kutcher, Charlotte Clews (Meg did the Sierras with her sister),  6-18 -- 
> Chris Daves, Ron Vaughn, Dana, Karen Davis & John Langhein, Hurricane Helen 
> and dog Cleideth.  I didn't write down the leave dates for the following -- 
> sorry. Junk Yard Dog, Donna and Johnathan, Pete and Dennis, Mary Barrow, 
> Walter & Korin, Jeff Maxson, Deb, Rebecca, Brian, Derek, Jason & Jason, 
> Ishmael, Allen Downs, Rob Bedicheck (he and Anne became engaged on Lake 
> Edison--congratulations!), JAIME & BETH, Robin, Nick, Whitney and (?), Neil 
> Parcell (from England), Mark, John (Christina went back to Maine with feet 
> problems), and the three Norweigens.  I know there are several others who I 
> have not mentioned -- sorry -- I will try to get a more completed list soon!
> Thanks again everyone!  Walt and Pat  
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> I have been a lurker on this list for quite some time now. I have been
> happy just reading messages but I haven't really considered a PCT hike
> in the past. I have been geared toward the AT.
> When I first "got into hiking" the AT was all the rage and I have been
> planning to do the AT for the past year or so. My departure date would
> have been tax day '00. 
> If I haven't mentioned I also su*bscribe to the ATML and lurk there also.
> I have not been too impressed with all of the bickering, infighting, and
> general apathy toward fellow hikers. This fact along with the
> over-commercialization of the AT has prompted me to put the brakes on my
> AT thru hike. I have no desire to spend my journey time there. 
> That takes me to the PCT. One of the few trails that I could still find
> an adventure. 
> Now my question: What would be the one best book or guide that I could
> use to plan a 2000 hike. I know there will be many different answers,
> but I need help quick! I have geared up for the AT and read it up, but I
> am fairly ignorant concerning the PCT. 
> Thanx for putting up with my long post.
> - -Ballcap  PCT 00
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