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Changed my mind

I have been a lurker on this list for quite some time now. I have been
happy just reading messages but I haven't really considered a PCT hike
in the past. I have been geared toward the AT.
When I first "got into hiking" the AT was all the rage and I have been
planning to do the AT for the past year or so. My departure date would
have been tax day '00. 
If I haven't mentioned I also su*bscribe to the ATML and lurk there also.
I have not been too impressed with all of the bickering, infighting, and
general apathy toward fellow hikers. This fact along with the
over-commercialization of the AT has prompted me to put the brakes on my
AT thru hike. I have no desire to spend my journey time there. 
That takes me to the PCT. One of the few trails that I could still find
an adventure. 
Now my question: What would be the one best book or guide that I could
use to plan a 2000 hike. I know there will be many different answers,
but I need help quick! I have geared up for the AT and read it up, but I
am fairly ignorant concerning the PCT. 
Thanx for putting up with my long post.
-Ballcap  PCT 00

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