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[pct-l] PCT hike, first timer, starting in Tuolumne, ADVICE?

Hi. I am an experienced backpacker.

Currently I am at a stage in my life to be able to do an extended trip
(marriage didn't happen, recently quit my job, am in OK shape due to recent
camping trips and working out at the gym every week, and am concerned if I
don't do this now I will never have time later when I rejoin the rat-race)
and am thiking about hiking the PCT starting at Tuolumne meadows, and go as
far north as I can.

I have never hiked in high mountains with snow. I have been as high as
12,000 in the Sierras.

Jardine's book states I need an ice axe, and it shows the self-arrest
position. I will practice this. First I need to get an ice-axe from REI.

I have a bunch of camping friends who are willing to help me send
drop-boxes to the post offices. I have to find a copy of the PCT trail
guide volume 1 (California). I only found Volume 2 at REI.

My pack will probably be 20 lbs + food/water. And I will stick with my
boots; not sure about Jardine's sneakers yet. I use two hiking poles
because my knees don't work as good as when I was 21. I am 31 now.

Also I am a bit intimidated about the solo aspect but that is probably what
I will end up doing.

Any advice for me? What are the conditions I should expect? I have hiked in
snow before but never in snowshoes.


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