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Re: [pct-l] hot foot

Steve Musil wrote:
> I'm planning to begin hiking north at Palms to Pines Highway on Sunday. The
> forecast high temperature for Palm Springs that day is 111. My questions
> are: 
1) how much cooler (if any) will the trail at elevation be from that in
Palm Springs?

I hiked from Hwy 74 to the Marion Mountain Trail 2 weeks ago.  The trail
is primarily on the eastern slope of the desert divide from the Live Oak
Springs Junction until you crest at Taquitz Peak.  It was HOT!! and
exposed most of the way.  My watch thermometer was usually in the 90's. 
There was good water at Live Oak Springs, Apache Spring, Little Taquitz
Valley, and Strawberry Cienaga, and of course, Cedar Spring is usually
reliable as well, but I didn't use it.  Carry extra water; the
combination of direct sun and elevation gain nearly doubled my "normal"
water consumption.  Observed 2 large rattlesnakes: one on the trail at
Spitler Peak, and the other lurking at Apache Spring.

From Taquitz Peak to the Marion Mountain Trail (and presumably all the
way to Fuller Ridge), the trail is west of the crest, in forest, and
much cooler. 

2) how much shade can I expect to find from San Jacinto to San

Once you drop off Fuller Ridge, you'll be exposed the rest of the way...

Have a good hike, Tom
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