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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #799

Your thoughts about the vast use on the AT, and the comments about hiking 
being trendy now, seem very similar to the ones that were raised during the 
time period that I first got into hiking, in the early 70's.  Folks then as 
now looked at the influx and said that they could not wait for the hype to be 
over.  Now remember those were the days when EMS was basically a mail order 
company and we had to drive an hour and a half to get to one of their stores 
from Long Island, NY.

Although there are a great number of hikers on the AT, and it by no means is 
a wilderness experience, I have never encountered the problem with cell 
phones you mention (I admit to carrying one) or the attitude of arrogance or 
hostility that you indicated you have heard to be out there.  Like anything 
else if you encounter a group of people who have been together they you are 
an outsider until they get to know you.  On the AT the time it has taken for 
that to happen is very little.  Thus, I do not see any difference in the us 
30 years ago and the us now.  Heck, even the long hair is coming back, at 
least for those who can grow it!

I also wanted to mention that we are getting yet another shop going for 
lightweight hiking gear.  If interested, check it out at 

Kevin (Paddington Bear)
Buffalo, NY
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