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[pct-l] At vs PCT

I have heard many war storys about the AT in recent years with hikers using 
cell phones to  hog up campsites even though other thru-hikers are five miles 
ahead of them and closer to prized campsites and shelters. With so many 
thru-hikers hitting the trail at one time, people become cold toward each 
other. On a recent hike up eagle creek, hikers would not look you in the eye 
and say "hi"or Nice Day Huh". I know old time hikers had a deep respect for 
each other and always had time to aknowledge each other on the trail and 
speak. At small trail towns and drops, it was like meeting a long lost 
brother or sister each time you saw a thru-hiker you hadn,t seen in a  month 
or two. Hopefully, PCT hikers still share the same caring for each other and 
respect. I really hope we don,t get the hordes of people the AT gets. Too 
many hikers means people get into their " mall trance" and just look straight 
ahead when other people are coming. bummer  Any AT thru-hikers that can share 
about this or PCT hikers of recent years? 
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