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[pct-l] Fw: Golden Rule

Have been trying to send this message for awhile, but it just keeps
"bouncing" from the list with 
        PCT List Admin <brick@fastpack.com>  as the sender.

>Dear "Suebee," and general list members [snip]
>http://mcb.berkeley.edu/groups/mcbcdna/mailing_etiquette.html gives 

For those of us who have our little troubles accessing websites, or are
someone like me/Miss Manners who like their rules embroidered in homilies
 and hung in a cute frame on the parlor wall <g>:

1) The Golden Rule.     If somebody posts something and doesn't get
unsubscribed or reprimanded or the membership doesn't rise up in outrage,
then undoubtedly it's fair for you to do it too. A dignified High Road
shouldn't equate lurking; otherwise, only vocal bullies would feel
comfortable posting. Set a good example  - provide good information, do
good deeds with nonpolitical motives, make friends but don't form cliques
to gangbang other subscribers, credit your sources, watch your language.
2) What Goes Around Comes Around - on equitable mailing lists.

3) Sauce For The Goose/Sauce For The Gander.   What "comes down" for
girls does so equally for boys; both genders have the same
privileges/restrictions. Nobody gets condescended to or picked on or
favored because of characteristics like age, race, wallet-size, gender
and so on.

4) A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. If you haven't much to say, make it
short; if your have alot to say, make it lo-ng-g.

4) Bless Our Happy Home. .... 


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