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[pct-l] Hiker sightings, trail news

I just got back from hiking Kennedy Meadows to Red's Meadow with a
friend of mine "Reader" (Read Miller), who is back on the trail after
taking 6 weeks off. Most of the following is from memory, so give some
latitude with names and dates. 

We left Kennedy Meadows late afternoon on June 18th.  We met up with
Gearman and Cowboy Poet that day, and camped a little beyond them, above
Beck Meadows.  Around Trail Pass, we met up with various parts of an
original 6-person party that had just split up.  Two "older" guys, Roy
and Don, were by themselves.  "Skunk" (Jennifer), was traveling by
herself, and Roy's daughter was traveling with two companions.  We also
ran into Denny and Bob.  On the way up to Forester Pass, we spoke with
Sly, who had his AT buddy Bulldog hiking with him until Tuolumne.  We
also met "Jaime" (James) hiking by himself at quite a pace.  Before
Pinchot Pass, we spent the night near Tim, hiking with his buddy Michael
who was along for a week or two.  At the top of Muir Pass we met Chris
and Katy.  Katy had taken a dive with her pack into a stream, head under
water, the whole deal.  She had a gash on her shoulder from the rocks in
the stream, but by the time we found them in the Muir hut, she seemed
none the worse for wear.  Near Evolution Lake we met "Lucky", who had
stopped early because his stomach was bothering him anytime he cinced up
his waist belt.  At the Muir Trail Ranch we resupplied, and said hi to
"Rude Dog" and "Barbie Gone Bad", who are both working there.  On the
way out of MTR, we met Yosemite Charles, who did the trail in '73, and
was coming back from getting his buddy Yosemite John started.  We kept
hearing of the PA Plummers, but never actually met them.  I think we
walked by their stuff one afternoon, but nobody was around, so we didn't
get to chat.  At Tully Hole, we spent the night near Heiko and Laura. 
The next day we say Stephanie, hiking with Miguel.  Then we were at
Red's Meadow.  Heiko and Laura were there, as was Jim, Neil from
England, and some others.  I left the trail there.  I heard Tuesday from
Reader that there was a group of about 20 thruhikers bunched up at
Tuolumne waiting for trail conditions to better, and that they would
probably be leaving Wednesday or Thursday.  All the hikers we met were
in fine spirits.

In general, the passes were not bad.  Muir had the most snow.  It was
melting fast on the north side, but was Slurpee consistency when we were
hiking through it, and seemed to go on forever.  We were suprised that
the bugs weren't bad.  We used DEET twice, and never put on a headnet at
night (we were sleeping without tents).  Even in places we remember as
terrible from earlier years were not bad.  Sallie Keyes lakes were
swarming, though.  

Anyone wanting to ask about particulars I may have forgotten, feel free
to email me directly.

"Homemade" (Glen Van Peski)
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