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[pct-l] My friend Doug Banks

Hello folks. I'm signing on the list to keep everyone posted on Doug's
progress. I'll assume he made the standard announcements etc. to the list
before signing off.

He left last week, heading west from Atlanta in his red jeep. Planned to
visit some family on the way to N. Ca. as well as visiting Yellowstone and
other favorite places. He had some time to kill while waiting for more
snow to melt.

Doug will be sending his notes, journals and film to me and I'll do my
best to post these to my web site for those that want to follow his

I'll post the URL and other info when it's available...

-UncleMilt (mostly the AT-L admin guy)


"In the name of the Bee, and of the Butterfly, and of the Breeze, Amen" -
    --Emily Dickenson

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