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[pct-l] Skeeters, Late SCal, and Cascades

I personally believe that mosquitos have some primitive distributed 
intelligence that causes them - as a localized group - to target a person 
at a given time, perhaps because of internal needs.  In the S. Pacific I 
ended up with both malaria and dengue fever at different times and in 
different countries.  Before each time I remember a specific night when the 
mosquitos seemed to target me (and no one else around) with a particularly 
focused eerie-feeling swarm.  Soon afterwards I was sick, sick, sick. 
 Science fiction pales when you look at the malaria cycle.

Anyone have any experience with Southern California in November / December? 
Especially the Mt. San Jacinto area.  What are snow chances (if any) and 
water availability (if any)?

Also -- are all the snow fields in the Cascades clear in September or are 
there still some that require safety gear (i.e., ice axe)?  Has anyone been 
there then?

Thanks in advance --


David B. Stockton

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