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[pct-l] Mammoth Ritter

Here is the beta from last weekend on Mammoth and Ritter for G.H.:

>Everything is dry except in shady places in the woods, where there is a lot of snow yet. There are big patches at Lake Ediza, but little snow at 1000 Is Lake. By the 4th it should be pretty clear. 
You should have no real problem with Ritter/Banner. The saddle route on Ritter might not be safe yet. There's a traverse at the top which is just a walk without snow.
Be careful about steep slopes in the afternoon. They slide.<

I am not a new subscriber, I lurked for a long time. The remark about malicious people not being able to trace me was freaky. I wanted to hook up with people for the PCT 2000. Are there any other PCTA lists?     sue

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