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[pct-l] Who are you and why are you talking about me?

At 12:28 PM 6/29/99 -0400, you wrote:

>Excuuuuuse me? Who are you and why are you talking about me 
>being lost to you?

Dear "Suebee," and general list members

You are participating in a private forum with a membership of several
hundred people.

Remember that anything you post will be seen by this large group of people,
and many of them may respond. You may not like some of the responses. If
this is going to bother you, then you might want to reconsider posting.
(Suebee said:>>I'm "sensitive". Be nice.<<). As long as the reply is not a
blatant attack on you personally (ie a flame) then the post is probably
acceptable on the list. Most members prefer if things stay civil, but they
haven't always. The response may give you kudos, or may strongly disagree
with what you wrote. Being told that one is wrong is not very pleasant, but
it is not flaming.

Probably because of this, most list members just "lurk" which means only
reading, but never posting. On almost all mailing lists, less than 10% of
the subscribers write more than 90% of the posts. PCT-L is no exception.

http://mcb.berkeley.edu/groups/mcbcdna/mailing_etiquette.html gives a good
piece of advice:

"Try to refrain from taking postings seriously.  If someone posts a
controversial mail, don't justify it any further by responding.  If you
want to respond, respond to the sender personally, not to the entire list."

Since you, Suebee, are posting from a free web base email provider your
posts are completely anonymous ( http://www.cybergrrl.com/ doesn't even
post your originating IP address like hotmail does) and there is no way for
any malicious list member to trace you.. All you have to do is click
"Delete" and the poster ceases to have any effect on you.

Who knows, you might really be an old list member who subscribed under a
new email address just to cause upset? It has happened before, and will
probably happen again. 

I prefer to think you are a genuine new subscriber. Enjoy the list, there
is lots to learn, just don't take it  too seriously.

Brick Robbins, 
writing as a list member, not list admin.

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