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Re: [pct-l] Climbing Mt. Whitney

Linda, as of this last weekend, there was snow in places on the
switchbacks leading up to the saddle from Trail Camp (and ropes set in,
altho nobody's using them); people just manoevered around the snowy
parts, but most should be gone when you get there in late July - it's
been unusually dry on Whitney this year. There's usually a bit of
near-level snow well-worn with bootprints just below the saddle, but all
you'll want is poles for balance at most. No crampons or any sort or ice
axes need _now_, so you'll have no problems a month from now, honest.

There are snow-patches easily walked over on the 2-mile trail to the
summit (which should melt soon), and a big snowpatch just below the
summit, remnants of which may still be there when you are. Just walk in
the bootprints - there's no danger or anything, but you might need the
prints to help locate the trail itself: it's a bit hard to see the actual
summit from below the snowpatch, that's all.

For awhile hikers _had_ to climb up/glissade down the snow to the right
of the switchbacks, but now only those looking for some fun or trying to
save time do - I think the FS frowns on it, in fact. All the toilets are
open, which means summer's officially here. <g> The trail to Trail Camp
should be totally snow-free by your trip-date, BTW.

If you want a more private/equally-high spot to camp away from the Trail
Camp crowds, lemme know... have fun and send me a trip report! Thanks,   

>I am going to be hiking Mt. Whitney July 21-23 approx.  Hiking the
>traditional route, Mt. Whitney trail from Whitney Portal.  Staying at 
>Trail camp at least 1 night.   Has anybody summited recently?  What are 
>trail conditons like?  Is there much snow?  Any need for instep
crampons, >or ice ax???   I know its a couple of wk away yet and lots of
snow can >melt in that time, but I will leaving July 4th and will not be
near the >internet.  Please respond directly to Linda at
laj8190@garnet.acns.fsu.edu >for I do not get to read the PCT digest
every day.  Thanks.

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