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[pct-l] mosquitoes - help!

 One of the subscribers has reminded me that I have another Really Bad
Problem (Sierra camping-trip with kids): mosquitoes.

1) I just can't dip them in DEET; am nervous about putting the stuff on
_my_ skin. The most I'll do is rub a little DEET stick on cuffs, etc.

2) Citronella's an option, maybe. It works for me if I reapply it often,
but the kids may object to the strong furniture-polish smell and it makes
some (me, for one) sun sensitive.

3) On my last hike, I experimented with "Coppertone BUG SUN kid's
formula" a suncreen (SPF 30) and insect repellant creme combo; slathered
it on at the TH before the last trip. The sunscreen part worked okay, 
but since there weren't any bugs that day, I dunno about the bug part. No
DEET (something called "N, N diethyl-m-tcluamide 9 1/2%, which sounds
even nastier and not-very-potent also), but the fumes from it drove me
crazy until I managed to sponge the stuff off that evening in camp - it
smells kind of like a creme depillatory.

4) Don't want to mess around with Skin So Soft/Brewers' yeast type
remedies. Some people swear by it, but it doesn't work for me/others -
Consumer Reports, for what it's worth, says it useless as a
bug-repellant. I just can't return the kids sobbing and
bloody-from-scratching. Will bring every bite-soother I can think of, but
would prefer they not be eaten alive in the first place.

5) Personally, I cope with mosquitoes by going dry/climbing high, but the
kids will want to hike easy and stay at a lake. They should probably get
a kick out of wearing netting bug-hats, but if it's at all hot, they
won't enjoy being swaddled head/toe in clothing including gloves (and
I've had mosquitoes bite me right through pants' legs, anyway); the
"let's pretend we're all beekeepers" game will wear off real fast.

Help!     bj

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