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[pct-l] Hello again!

Well i have been a bit busy this summer. BUT i did get almost all my gear!
about a month ago i wrote this list saying i was going on a trip july 15-
sept 2 my gear is almost ready. im still looking for someone to go, but im
sure ill find someone eventually, and if not ill meet ppl on the trail. my
current Question is Where and What is the best way to get to Section H ...
need to know where i need to get a flight to and how to get to the trail
from where i land. i have the guide and am working on reading section H
and up. going to do the JMT. Anyone have any reports on how busy it is?
thanks again! 

Jarrid Wong

P.S. when i get back home ill make a page of what i have and what i still
need. thanks again!

"But i still haven't found what im looking for."
                                                    Jarrid Wong

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