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[pct-l] News from the Trail

I picked up the following news on my recent backpack. Much  info is second hand
and possibly old:

1-Rebecca Williams sprained an ankle on a water crossing. She wears a shoe
insert but took it out because it was causing blisters. This may have caused the
problems. At the last report Rebecca is in LeConte Canyon unwilling to attempt
Muir pass [described as an absolute bitch by almost everyone who has crossed
it]. She has another hiker with her who may hike out over Bishop Pass for aid.
Everyone, including myself and everyone else I talked to thinks this is a
temporary setback. Rebecca is *one tough lady* and everyone's bet to finish the

2- Walt and Pat have had problems since Lake Morena. In particular, Pat's back
was really hurting. Last word is that Pat dropped out somewhere, Kennedy or
Independence, and Walt went on for one more section [to VVR]. Unfortunately,
Walt got in trouble crossing Evolution Creek and was soaked but is OK. Obviously
Walt and Pat are a real inspiration to us geriatracs ["over-the-hill" is a
naughty value judgement ((:] and I pray that they continue.

3-Annie and the Salesman stayed with us at MTR. Annie is recovered from her auto
accident and, at last sight, were sprinting up to Seldon Pass.

4-Allen Downs zoomed through on his way towards Seldon Pass

5- Sly is somewhat behind because he was waiting for a friend at Kennedy

6-Joanne [goforth] took an extra day at Independence. This is another tough lady
that is well schooled in snow packing. She'll make Manning

7-The elusive Norweigens went through MTR before i got there.

I met many other people. For specific info e-mail me directly with a name and

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