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Re: [pct-l] Thanks 2 B. Wiggs

Would like to add _my_ heartfelt thanks to Butch Wiggs, proprietor of the
Vermillion Valley Resort, who's been collecting trail reports from the
thruhikers and passing them on (to this list, as well as the folks who
visit the resort itself). Thanks to Butch, we have timely updates on
hikers' progress from Seldon Pass on south, and trail conditions in the
Silver Pass area. Butch is a generous pal to all Sierra travellers; never
seems to be trying for a commercial plug either, but I thought I'd toss
out some credit where credit's richly due. 

Why not take a drive up there sometime and say hello? You don't need to
be a hiker - just go for the day or stay at/near Butch's, take the ferry
across the lake to the Trail, and maybe stroll awhile with your family.
(I'd love to have suggested this to the lady who wanted "just to see the
trail", but she wanted something south-of-Whitney...) You're likely to
run into many thruhikers from this very list even, and will certainly do
so at Butch's place. I'm sure he doesn't need any "business", but give
him some anyway - he's a true hiker-treasure.           bj

>Butch Wiggs
>Edison Lake, CA

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