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[pct-l] "Death Man", weird stuff, and a farewell

>Death Man? S.O.B.? It's clear you guys like each other A LOT, but this isn't
Rambo or Soldier of Fortune magazine, is it? I haven't gotten the treatment yet,
but at least one person was driven from the list by all Death Man's
down-to-earth fun.... >
Aaaaaaah, on that note, I, too, will sign off this list. A mail list should run
as a "community" of people interested in the same topic, be it music, animals,
or the Pacific Crest Trail. It should not be a hierarchy or a contest or a
smoldering "love me or leave" flamefest.  Although I was on this list to derive
information about supplies, survival, gear, water purifying, etc., and I am not
a hiker, I learned very little about any of that; rather, I learned of people's
real or imagined triumphs and who put water where and who saw whom and who RUNS
the list and who his friends are, and piddly, piddly stuff. I sure I will
probably get flamed but that's okay. I won't be here to recieve it. The list is
not for me (actually I don't think it is for but about 3 or 4 people on it...)
so off I go.    The posts are getting further and further "out there" ...gets
kinda eerie.

Have a nice hike on the trails. Watch out for the Mule Doo.

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