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[pct-l] trail report and question

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>> I have still not hiked with a single thruhiker. 

  We were in the same section of the Sierra at the same time and saw Thruhikers everywhere! People from the list like Sly, the darling "couple from Alabama", and big groups of people I had never heard of. Everybody seemed to be doing well and enjoying themselves. 

One thing we didn't encounter was bad "river crossings" mentioned in the trail report which puzzles me. We got off at Onion Valley, and it was very dry and warm. Bring sunblock if you burn like I do, the altitude made the rays more intense. 

I am not originally from PCT country, so forgive me for my ignorance please. We met a man who told me that he went out one pass to resupply, then returned to the trail farther along because "the miles you hike in going on and off the trail count toward the total mileage". Another older woman was  being driven on the road between several of the more difficult parts yet signing trail registers and making trail "appearances" as if she were hiking continuously. There was other trail gossip along those lines.

On the AT taking credit for unhiked miles would be considered cheating. While such things are between the hiker and his conscience always, let's hope such people don't reach Canada claiming to set speed records. That could set up unrealistic expectations for the rest of us.

We are doing sections this year. Does anyone know how early in the autumn we might expect comfortably cool weather in the desert? We will be doing our own water arrangements.      Barb

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