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[pct-l] Dehydrating and section suggestion?

David Wrote:
are supposed to prevent flavor/odor transfer.  I had a few strips in a 
normal Zip-lock sitting on top of a covered bowl of dehydrated Dr. 
Bronner's for a few days and they tasted like peppermint!  >>

I had to come out of lurk mode for this one... did you dehydrate Dr.
Bronner's and make some sort of soap leather or something?  It had
never occured to me but now you've got me thinking... even if it is
concentrated, it must still have some water in it...  If I am
understanding you correctly, did the plastic tray you used ever recover
from the peppermint?

Anyway, had to bite!  Maybe I'll see some of you out on the trail this
August, location to be determined.  I had been thinking of the JMT, but
kind of want to avoid the crowds... How would you rate the 100-200
miles south of Whitney for scenic, physical challenge, and general
enjoyment value?  or the 100-200 miles north of Yosemite? I am from the
bay area and so are my shuttle providers (parents) so want to stay
around this area.

Thanks!  Emily (aka BugBite .75MEGA '98)

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