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[pct-l] Thanks

 I am grateful for the Pacific Crest Trail and to all who have had a hand in
creating and maintaining it.  I am honored to be a member of the PCTA and
hope to be among those fortunate hikers who have a chance to make a
contribution to the maintenace of the Trail.  I thank all who contribute to
the Communicator and the list.  Your generosity in sharing your hiking
experiences is sincerely appreciated.   Thank you to every lady and
gentleman hiker who ever picked up a piece of litter.  Thank you to those
who stashed water or provided Trail Magic in any form.  Your generosity made
the Trail experience memorable for all.  And I thank those who are never
rewarded and seldom given public recognition for their superior stewardship
of the list.  You have created a treasure.  We are all richer for it.

I apologize for those who are ungracious and unappreciative.

Bob Riess at the TrailHead in San Diego.  Hike on !!

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