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Re: [pct-l] Thanks

I have returned from the trail juat south of Seldon Pass. I saw probably 25

 Almost EVERYBODY took advantage of the various water drops done by many
volunteers. Everyone who had a hand in this should feel very good about your
efforts. This quote sums it up "Since the water drop we have been praying for
whoever gave us this gift. If your life has been a little lucky lately It was
our prayers"

So far as I can tell virtually 100% of the water at Chariot and San Felipe Hills
went to thruhikers, most of whom never heard of this list. Possible some of the
water at scissors whent ot others but a great majority went to thruhikers.

The report:
No snow before Forrester. Forrester was easy, Glen was difficult. It was hard to
find the route over Pinchot and Muir was an absolute bitch. I would rather step
on a Rattlesnake than cross Evolution Creek again but the worst is over. I'm
gonna make it to Canada. I can't BELIEVE the number of trail angels that have
helped me out.

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