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[pct-l] website space

At 12:36 PM 6/23/99 -0700, "Shawnee Cavnar-Brown" <migraine@fishnet.net>
>Do I smell smoke? Shortest tempered bunch of people ...
>>>>>.    Your implication that I take it
>>down for 5 days at a time w/o reason is a little out of bounds.

When someone volunteers a HUGE ammount of time to provide a FREE service
that YOU make use of, it is generally considered appropriate to cut them a
little slack and be polite.

Services like Geocities and Juno are not "FREE" because they rely on
advertising dollars to keep the doors open.

What if someone emailed the members of the mailing lists, and told the
world that your "make your own gear page" sucked because you don't have
enough graphics and your text descripitons were inadequate? How would you

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