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Re: [pct-l] website space

> cannot because of the server.  Anyway, I would like to move the website
> (again!) and was wondering if anyone knew where one can get free website
> space other than at Geocities and backcounty.net.  Thanks in advance.

   I run rollercoaster.com and, in preparing for my Y2K
hike, have registered thruhikers.com for my own thru hiking
page as well as for others. You, and anyone else on this
list, are more than welcome to free hosting on my box.

I've done this in the past for amusement-park-related
sites with much success. It includes e-mail, unlimited
(within reason) space and bandwidth, ftp, etc.

If anyone is interested in this, leave me e-mail and
I'll send you all the details.

BTW, you can pass this on to other "hiking/backcountry/etc"
lists, but the offer is only good for this "type" of crowd.
I'm working on a Geocities knock-off for the masses but it's
no ready for prime time yet ;)

Jim Serio - jim@rollercoaster.com
Producer, World of Coasters - http://www.rollercoaster.com
"Doing the PCT in Y2K"
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