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[pct-l] website space

Hi all,
    I feel a little frustrated since I recently rebuilt the entire Make
Your Own Outdoor Gear website (a *lot* of work) in order to move it from
the Geocities server to the backcountry.net server.  The Geocities
server was problematic because it was hard to make updates to the
website using their procedure but now I have discovered that the
backcountry.net server goes down sporadically for 5 days at a time.  I
am getting lots of emails from people trying to access the site but
cannot because of the server.  Anyway, I would like to move the website
(again!) and was wondering if anyone knew where one can get free website
space other than at Geocities and backcounty.net.  Thanks in advance.

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Email: daphne_paige@geocities.com
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