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[pct-l] Postcards from the Trail: Tucker Spohr

                                                                Sent from Rock Creek Crossing
                                                                Mile Post 754 of the 2658 Mile
                                                                Hike from Mexico to Canada
Dear Bob,
Heaven! Busted out a good 18.5 miles this AM and now I'm luxuriating at the Rock Creek Ford in King's Canyon.  I was planning on 20 miles today, but I think I just might push on to Mt. Whitney Trail at 24 miles.  Still haven't decided if I'm going to go up but I think I'm trending that way.  By the way....I ran into Joann Lennox at Kennedy Meadows.  She looked very beat.  I don't know if she has kept up with you but after all that bad luck with the weather and her shoulder, she also got a case of giardia!  Still she's soldiering onward.  Hope all is good with you - T
On the reverse is Tucker's drawing titled
Bridge over S Fork Kern River North of Kennedy Meadows
Admin note:  In an earlier post I wrote that Tucker had busted 800 miles.  Upon closer examination of the card, that should have read 500 miles. 
Hike on !! Bob Riess at the TrailHead in San Diego