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[pct-l] FW: Pacific Crest Trail Association * Website News * 1999 * Vol . 3

Pacific Crest Trail Association  * Website News *  1999 * Vol. 3
A Call to Action


Want to do something to help out the PCT? Read this article and see how
your efforts can help to ensure the PCT remains wild and senic.
1999 PCT CrestFest

http://www.pcta.org/ <http://www.pcta.org/news/auction62099.shtml>
Start making plans now the attend the 1999 PCT CrestFest this September
in Lake Tahoe.

Thru-Hiker Dies on PCT

http://www.pcta.org/news/ <http://www.pcta.org/news/lowder_death.shtml>

The PCTA mourns the loss of hiker and trails volunteer Dr. John Lowder.

Beldon P.O Closes

Thru-hiking through Beldon this summer? Well you better check out where
to send your packages. Or you're likely to get a surprise when you
Curtis Hardie Receives National Award 

<http://www.pcta.org/news/hardie_award_062199.shtml> _062199.shtml

Curtis Hardie, trail coordinator in Oregon, receives an award for his
contribution to trail maintenance on the PCT.

Trail worker travels 4000 miles to work on PCT


This trial maintainer travels some 4000 miles from his home on a tiny
South Seas island to work on the PCT.

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