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Re: [pct-l] Desire to hike a piece of the PCT


By July 15-23 those portions of the PTC will not be very much fun because of the
HEAT  and the dry conditions.  I would look at the section around Kennedy
Meadow.  But if you want a grand look at the Sierra, take a side trip before or
after you summit Whitney to the Bristle Cone Forest in the White Mountains.  You
can drive to +/-11,000' and the Sierra's are a incredible view across Owens
Valley and you can visit some of the oldest living things in the World.

Enjoy your visit

owen k

Linda Jagger wrote:

> I am going to be in Calif July 15-23, will be driving from Mt. Whitney (I'm
> going to climb the peak) to Los Angeles and back.  I will be in Calif for
> other business and do not have much time to hike the PCT but I REALLY want
> to get on the PCT, and hike even just a couple of miles.  I notice that the
> PCT crosses my driving route several times, 1) over hwy 58 at Tehachapi
> Summit, 2)  over I-14 near Ravenna and Saugus.  Is there good hiking at
> either of these points; is it worth while to stop and get out and hike a few
> miles to say I've been on the PCT?  Are there good views, peaks to climb
> near by?  I also hear Mt. Baden Powell near LA is a good hike and that puts
> on on the PCT; is it worth taking the time to hike?  I also see that I'm not
> too far away from Walker Pass on Hwy 178--is it worth the detour (I'd be
> driving in on 395/14).  Anyones thought and comments would be appreciated.
> Please respond directly to me as I do not read PCT digest every day.  Please
> respond to Linda at laj8190@garnet.acns.fsu.edu      Thank you.
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