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[pct-l] Fwd: Muir Trail Ranch listing

>to see what was in our listing for Muir Trail Ranch regarding resupply on
>the Muir Trail.
>You could update it to include the fact that we now offer overnight stays
>with 3 meals. Backpackers can stop by and try out the hot springs, stay in
>a cabin or tent cabin, and have a full dinner, breakfast, and a sack lunch
>for the trail.
>In 1999, we offer this at the following times: From now until June 25, then
>July 3 through 16, and again in September from 11-18. The direct link to
>the information is:
>Also, if hikers don't make it in time to pick up their food cache, we can
>hold it over till the following season or we will return it to them at no
>Tom Hurley
>for Muir Trail Ranch
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