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[pct-l] News from the Trail: Goforth

Joanne "Goforth" Lennox is sending me reports of her thru-hike for me to
post here with news about trail conditions for this year's hikers and a
glimpse of our beloved PCT for the rest of us.

Karen Elder


June 8, 1999
Walker Pass

Dear Folks,

        Well after my third diarrhea seige and wnd visit to the emergency
room, I decided to just escape capture in Big Bear, and set out a week ago
in the rain + fog and uncertainty. I had lost 12 pounds, mostly from not
eating for 2 weeks, and I had troubles physically and psychologically, but I
just kept going forth and after a week my appetite started to come back and
yesterday I felt the swing in my gait reappearing as well. So I climbed 7
peaks yesterday (6 had registers) to put the world back on notice. Gurdieff
said that if you are going to do something -- go whole hog, every night, and
Saturday night.
        I learned to love the horned toads -- gentle little dragon folk of
the chaparral forest. They do not slither off like the lizards, but scamper
a short ways to a piece of shade and watch you -- curious and quiet. They
live in the great hinterland which for them is infinite and wild. Their maps
show no ciites and the roads and trails are like watching television --
rivers where flow the drama of eating and being eaten.
        I bought a water filter, a pair of running shoes (for later); picked
up my boots and ice ax and less than 24 hours later, find myself in the
midst of a thruhiker crowd (now fast asleep) at Walker Pass. As Carlton was
dropping me off, right away I recognized the voice of Meadow Ed + was
assured by his gentle presence. For only the second night I camped with
other thruhikers.
        My feet are looking askance at my boots -- I seem to feel the entire
weave of my soft wool socks and am wondering why I abandoned my tennies --
because the snow + high passes are waiting. And I have my blister kit at the
        Received news that there was a thruhiker accident on a trail going
into Lone Pine. You can not imagine how sad this made me -- I feel very
aligned with all the hikers on the trail, and in a sense what happens to the
rest of them, happens to me as well. It is like we are all one organism on
the trail.


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