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>Subject: Did this post to the list?
>Date: Mon, 14 Jun 99 11:45:36 -0700
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>It didn't look like this message posted to the list. If not can you 
>forward it for me?
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>Date:        06/13  10:41 AM
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>Well it looks like the VVR will finally be able to have some sort of 
>frequency with email. If I can get these pudgy fingers on the right keys 
>of this laptop and the ferryboat don't rock.
>The satelite phone system should be in full operation shortly.
>Our condolences to the John Lowder family. I'm not real handy with this 
>sort of thing, I just know I feel the loss. I know the rest of the staff 
>has been affected by the sad news as well.
>We have had only 4 hikers thru, Paul and Mimi doing the Walker Pass to 
>Yosemite section. They left here on 6/1 after a 2 night stay. The Swiss 
>couple Cris and Sandy bailed out at Forrester during last weeks storm and 
>hitched into Fresno. They went into Shane Grogan's
>California Outfitters store for equipment and Shane got'em here. They are 
>in good shape.
>They stayed here 6 days and got back on the trail at Mono Creek on 6/10. 
>They plan to pick up the missed section this fall. We have about 60 
>resupply boxes and alot of mail. We are expecting the wave to start today 
>or tomorrow.
>Kevin Speed aka "Special K" (AT 1995) is our morning cook and has been 
>checking out the trail in our area. Silver Pass and Goodale Pass have 
>less than 3' of snow and very patchy below 10,500'. The lakes above 
>10,500 are still frozen but are changing color a bit so the thaw is not 
>far away. The creeks are considerably lower than last year and had little 
>trouble crossing.
>Kevin here; Butch says you would be interested in my observations of 
>trail conditions over the past few weeks.  The snow melt has been making 
>pretty good progress.  On 6/5-6/7 I hiked from Quail Meadows through 
>Silver Pass and on to Goodale Pass.  The first signs of snow hit on the 
>upper approach of the first basin in the Silver Pass area (right at 
>10000').  Silver Pass lake is still frozen w/no signs of melting.  
>However, the Indian Lakes are beginning to loosen up.  The upper most of 
>these are just beginning to show blue while the lower few are showing 
>some areas of full melt.  The snow walking conditions are quite good.  
>While I did not continue up the PCT beyond these lakes, the snow appeared 
>to dissipate very rapidly with the northward drop in elevation.  All 
>said, I would have to give a promising outlook for any hikers coming 
>through this area.  If there are futher questions or needs, please feel 
>free to contact me here.
>     I would like to close with my personal condolences to the Lowder 
>family.  To lose anyone is a real tragedy.  To lose a member of our small 
>and close community is truly felt.                                        

>      -K  
>We will keep you posted as they come, I hope this information is of some 
>Butch Wiggs
>Edison Lake, CA
>Hi PCT-L,
>This is Henry Shires and I'm writing from VVR courtesy of Butch.  I am, 
>according to Butch, the first thruhiker to get all the way through from 
>the Whitney area.  I arrived 6/11.  It wasn't easy.  The snow was rotten 
>and breakable although PCTers starting now from Whitney now should have a 
>much easier time.  I crossed Forester and Glen 6/6, Pinchot and Mather 
>6/8, Muir 6/9, and Seldon 6/10.  Of all the passes, Mather was by far the 
>worst as the snow was completely rotten and would not hold an axe.  I had 
>to climb the rock walls instead.  All the snow in the open areas between 
>and including the passes was 1-3 feet deep, higher in the shady forests 
>and north slopes.  It was melting fast in the open areas and should be 
>gone in the next week.  North of Forester Pass the snow is/was patchy 
>below 10,000 feet and solid above although, as I said, melting fast.  
>When I went through there were no tracks between Forester and Seldon 
>Passes and the trail was buried above 10,000 feet.  PCTers now will at 
>least have tracks or, more likely, bare ground for most of the way 
>between the passes.  The snow storm did NOT seriously impact any PCTers 
>leaving Kennedy Meadows After June 2.
>Butch also wanted to let you know that two other PCTers have arrived.  
>Nathan Martin arrived last night (6/11), and Frank Tripicchio this 
>morning (6/12).  Nathan left the trail to attend the service for John 
>Lowder and got back on again somewhere near Piute Pass.  I'm not sure 
>about Frank's situation.
>I last saw the following hikers down in, or just south of, the Whitney 
>Region.  Most were intending to climb Whitney (I did not).  "Packrat", 
>"Shirt","Homebrew", "Bung"(Jarrod), Margaret from Seattle, Jim from New 
>Jersey and his female friend "Phoenix", Sven from Berkeley, and two 
>"older" hikers- Al and his German friend Josef.  All were  resupplying in 
>Lone Pine, via Trail or Kearsearge Pass.  A section hiker, Erica from 
>Vermont, bailed out at Trail Pass to fix a broken stove but I expect she 
>would have been back on the trail quickly.
>I too wanted to express my condolences to the the family and friends of 
>John Lowder. It could have just as easily been me and it's hard to make 
>sense out of things that happen in the mountains.  I'm truly sorry to 
>hear of the tragedy.
>Henry Shires 
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