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Re: [pct-l] Whitney Exit...

At 11:22 AM 6/11/99 -0700, reynolds@ilan.com wrote:
>Last year we received stamps from Sequoia/Kings Canyon without charge or
>when we told them we were entering the Whitney zone. My understanding
><http://www.sierrawilderness.com/>www.sierrawilderness.com indicates that the
quota system is ONLY in force on the
>MT. Whitney trail.

That may be how it worked but that would have been because the quota had not
been filled yet.

The official USFS-Inyo page says quotas apply no matter where you started
Mt. Whitney Zone: The Whitney Zone is jointly managed by the Inyo National
Forest and Sequoia-KingsCanyon National Parks. This has a zone "destination"
quota requiring zone permits for both day-hikers andbackpackers regardless of
their entry point. This zone quota is in effect during the period of May 22
through October 15.

I know inyo and yosemite charge "reservation" fees for issuing a permit ahead
of time. 

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